Monday, February 6, 2012

Incorporating video segments into your lesson plans for improved student learning....

I've been checking out professional development courses lately that have been challenging teachers to incorporate video segments into their lesson plans to improve student learning and student memory.  Of course, I immediately want to tackle yet another project, however, as a lot of teachers say, I just need a bit more time!  
At a recent staff meeting, a teacher showed a video completed by two students incorporating information they had previously learned about the Bill of Rights using the online resource  I was hooked! The teacher was able to assess student understanding of the subject matter, and I bet the students will remember the key points to the lesson for a long time to come due to the creative outlet!  
The ability to quickly and effectively utilize this tool has motivated me to quit waiting for the right time and just start creating!  Check out the video above for more of my ideas, then go to and create one for yourself...It's as easy as the slogan says, "if you can can make movies!"


  1. Wow, Holly, what a great idea! It would be so fun to use a little video segment to transition to a new part of a lesson. I may try this soon. (Time is such an issue...)

  2. I made an xtranormal video for my students starting keyboards. They are having trouble listening to me lately when I go over "respect the instruments" rules, maybe they'll listen to these two cute characters.
    Thanks for the idea!

  3. Thanks for your comment Tanya! I'm excited to hear how it turns out! I have found that when I utilize digital pics in my classroom for instrument care, it speaks even clearer than my own words. CRAZY! I am excited to transition from visuals to video segments after hearing your idea!