Monday, January 16, 2012

Pump up your lesson plans with a dose of brain-based research!!

I have recently attended some courses taught by Kim Bevill.  Kim Bevill is the founder of the education consulting group Gray Matters.  Bevill's workshops weave brain research and education together to create greater results in the classroom.  One of the resources I picked up was a card packet at the last workshop.  Each card in the packet includes an activity to complete in the classroom along with brain-based research to back up the activity.  I have begun utilizing these activities in the classroom and WOW!  Quick, effective, and purposeful! Just what I am looking for! I recommend ordering this resource for the classroom.  Click here for a link to purchase the cards.  Check out Kim's website for some powerful brain-based classroom tools and education and if you are in the Denver area, take one of her Saturday workshops!  Click here for a course schedule.

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